Throw the Line Tour is designed to provide a fun and affordable experience to disc golfers of all levels.  Its main purpose will be to help improve the player’s game and expose the sport of disc golf to the outdoor enthusiast.  


The series will be comprised of SLD tournaments, with a Finals Championship, in December, to determine the Throw the Line Champion.  Each month there will be a PDGA sanctioned event around the area.  As you play in the events, you will earn points based on how well you play.  At the end of the tour, the person in each division that has the most points, wins the tour title (in that Division) and will be rewarded the added cash that is collected at each tour event.  The professional division will be paid in currency and the Amateur divisions will be paid in merchandise.  


The division entry fees for each tournament are as follows:


*$65 - Open Men - MPO

*$60 - Open Master/Grandmaster - MPM/MPG

*$55 - Open Women - FPO

*$55 - All Advanced Divisions - MA1, MM1, MG1

*$45 - Intermediate Men - MA2

*$40 - All Amateur Women Divisions - FA1, FA2

*$35 - Recreational Divisions - MA3/FA3 (TROPHY ONLY)

*$20 - Junior (16 and under- Coed)* (TROPHY ONLY)


*B Tier Events entry cost will be $5 more per division


*All Non-Current PDGA Members will pay $10.00 with their entry fee - Does not apply to Junior's


*$5 of the entry fee from each player will be dispersed in the following manor:

     --$1 to Finals Championship payout

     --$2 to Local disc golf club or local course parks and open space division

     --$2 to PDGA for Insurance  




Within these divisions there will be three different categories: Men /Women/40+. The exception to this will be the junior’s division and that will only have one: Coed.  


Each tournament is a stand-alone tournament as well, so to play in one tournament does not require that the players participate in any or all of the other tournaments. The person with the most points in each division at the end of the tour will be crowned the Throw the Line Champion! The more events you play in the more points you will accumulate.


For more information or questions, you can contact us at

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